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  • Pantoneys Crown

  • Delicate Rock Formations in the Gardens of Stone

  • Dry Canyon in the Gardens of Stone

  • Bungleboori Pool and Cascade

  • Filtered Sunlight in a Mugii Murum Ban Forest

Welcome to the Bush Explorers Website

Bush Explorers and Authors, Michael Keats, Brian Fox and Yuri Bolotin have been exploring the Australian Bush for years.

Bush Explorers is a guide to ultimate bushwalking in the Greater Blue Mountains National Park and the Gardens of Stone National Park. It is a chronicle of challenges, discoveries, adventures, sweat, and research lead by Brian Fox, Michael Keats and Yuri Bolotin. It is also your key to enjoy seldom visited places, and through words and pictures, enjoy what is literally on Sydney’s back door step.

This site is an important resource for bush walkers and others interested in the Australian Bush.

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Latest News
15-Mar-2016 The Bush Explorers Encyclopaedia
It is now 10 years since Michael Keats and Brian Fox, and more recently joined by Yuri Bolotin, embarked on an ambitious plan to explore and docum..
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08-Mar-2016 More about Book 7 in the Gardens of Stone series
Book 7 in the series, The Gardens of Stone National Park and beyond, is principally about the last three centuries of European occupation of the a..
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12-Feb-2016 Gardens of Stone Book 7 is now available
Michael, Brian and Yuri are pleased to announce that Book 7 in 'The Gardens of Stone and beyond' series is available from 12 February 2016. Yo..
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The Gardens of Stone

Book 7

Bushwalks on the souther side of the Newnes plateau.

The last 3 Centuries of European Settlement.

Price: $50

Isaac Barrow

Blue Mountains Map Maker

A fascinating insight into this influential map maker.

Historic photos and maps.

Price: $25

The Gardens of Stone

Book 6

Bushwalks on the northern Newnes Plateau.

Regional Flora and Fauna.

Price: $50