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Adrenalin Creek

Flows in an approximate north to south direction for 6.5km, from the junction of Birds Rock Trail and Sunnyside Ridge Road to its confluence with Carne Creek. Contained in it's headwaters, is Cathedral Cave. Michael Keats recorded on 25th February 2013, "I have called this area, east of Firetrail No. 6 and the next ridge east, and questionably Firetrail No. 5, the Adrenalin Gorges of Carne Creek. The name is inspired by a complex terrain so stimulating and so beautiful it really gets the adrenalin flowing.

  • Cullen Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 396 142 junction
Newnes State Forest and Gardens of Stone National Park
Threatened and Protected
  • GOS6.18: Adrenalin Gorges
  • GOS6.20: Eastern side of Adrenalin Creek
 - Adrenalin Creek

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