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Angus Place *

Is  a locality about 4km south of Wolgan Gap and 4km north, north east of Lidsdale. Angus is another Scottish name within this region. Airlie in Scotland is located within the County of Angus. Ref: Gazetteer of British Place Names. James Walker was one of the original land owners holding a number of portions of land in this vicinity. He emigrated from Perth, Scotland in 1823. Angus is a locality in close proximity to Perth, Scotland. The Survey Plan of Portions 71-73, dated 28th August 1930, showing one acre blocks, has the pencilled text, Angus Place. Ref: Survey Plan C2803.1507.

  • Cullen Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 233 062
Related Names:
  • GOS5.22: Ben Bullen Pillars
  • GOS5.23: Blackfellows Hand Rock
  • GOS5.24: Lambs and Kangaroo Creeks ridge line
  • GOS5.25: Aboriginal art caves
  • GOS5.26: Lambs Creek and Kangaroo Creek
  • GOS6.30: Convolution Creek and Tagine Point
  • GOS7.08: Pagodas south of Angus Place Trail
  • GOS7.10: Upper Wolgan River
 - Angus Place

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