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Airly Flat

Is located on the Castlereagh Highway just north of the town of Capertee.This old name was used to describe the location of James Galagher's property. Ref: Survey Plan 12.1496, dated 4th November 1852. Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal, 2nd July 1853, p. 4; col. 1.

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Airly Frustum
 - Airly Frustum

Is a hollowed out truncated cone or frustum.This glorious piece of architecture is some 20m in diameter. It is endowed with natural skylights and an internal water supply. At floor level colourful benched decks of red shale extend north and south; internally it is cluttered with fallen rocks like discarded furniture overturned as though someone left in haste. Located 340m due west of the communication tower at Airly. Named by John Fox on a Bush Club walk 16th November 2015.

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Airly Gap
 - Airly Gap

Is a saddle separating the catchments of Gap Creek and Malcolms Gully. It was also the original access to the Town of Airly. It is located approximately 1.2km from Glen Davis Road. Also known as Airly Gate.

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Airly Mountain Trail
 - Airly Mountain Trail

Has been signposted by the NPWS (erected 2014). This trail starts at the intersection of the TramwayTrail, near the property Rock Bottom, GR 240 335. The trail winds its way up Mount Airly and along the top of the plateau and then in a north east direction to approximately 235 342.

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Airly Turret *
 - Airly Turret

Is a rocky peak about 2km south east of Mount Airly. Airly Turret is shown on the map Parish of Airly, 1st edition, 1884.

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Airly Turret Slot
 - Airly Turret Slot

Located 240m due west of the communication tower at Airly is a major feature being some 3-5m wide, 45m deep and 100m in length, however traceable over a distance of more than 400m from Airly Turret in the south to a non negotiable 30m north point on the cliff line. The floor of this slot is full of the Soft Tree Ferns, Dicksonia antarctica. Named by Yuri Bolotin and Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk 16th November 2015.

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 - Alcatraz

Is a descriptive name based on the notorious prison in the USA. This prominent isolated impregnable monolith above 1000m is located south west of Woolpack Rock, and the southern extremity, between Hughes Defile and Woolpack Gap. The name was created by the original three who proposed the Gardens of Stone National Park, Rodney Falconer, David Blackwell and Dr Haydn Washington, in November 1984.

On 28th February 2017 Haydn clarified the naming of Alcatraz, “...with Alcatraz we were looking along the divide and saw past Woolpack Rock and that creek what seemed a virtually impregnable fortress of cliffs, so called it Alcatraz, and I recall it was interesting getting onto it. So it was the whole pagoda cluster that led me to give it that name.”

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Alcatraz Pass

Named by Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox on a bushwalk of 08/12/17. In Yuri’s words, “After a sharp turn to the north to avoid the cliff line, we saw a steep but very straightforward slope, covered in mature trees, which took us all the way down! The top of the pass is at 914 m. As this beautifully easy pass leads directly from the bottom of the valley through the main walls to the foot of Alcatraz turret, we called it Alcatraz Pass.”

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Alcibiades Rift
 - Alcibiades Rift

A 20m slot near the western end of Zeus Minor formed by a section of cliff line having broken off and fallen away to now give access from the western to eastern side of Zeus Minor. Alcibiades was an Athenian politician and general in the Peloponnesian War.After the death of his father in 447, he was brought up by Pericles and Pericles's brother Ariphron. He was notable for changing sides. Named on a Bush Club walk, 25th July 2011 by Michael Keats.

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Aledged Cave
 - Aledged Cave

See Nellies Cave

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Was named after the Alloway in Ayrshire, Scotland. Captain John Piper was born in Maybole, Ayrshire. Ref: Eldershaw, M. Bernard, The Life and Times of Captain John Piper, 1973, p. 126.

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Alloway Creek *

Is shown on the Parish of Coco map, 1883. It is a non perennial stream rising on the south west side of Mount Alloway. It flows generally south east and north, north east for about 6km into Airly Creek. The name Alloway Bank was the property name of Captain John Piper (1773-1851), whose main residence was in Bathurst. He also held grazing rights in this area of Alloway Creek. Fry, Ken. Beyond the Barrier, 1993, p. 118, records Captain John Piper "excelled in hospitality and social graces. His door was always open to guests and visitors of his class." John Piper was an early Magistrate and hence held in high honour and esteem.

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Alois Creek
 - Alois Creek

Has its headwaters on the Great Dividing Range 4km south east of Cullen Bullen. It flows south, then east for 3.6km into the Coxs River. Named by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk on 19th October 2012. Named after Alois Joseph Neubeck (1821-1904). When he and his wife Clara emigrated from Germany to Australia in 1855, they moved to Wallerawang and Alois was employed by James Walker. In 1862, the family moved to Blackmans Flat (near the present day Mount Piper Power Station), where he set up a business as a blacksmith, and also provided a staging area for Cobb and Co.

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Alois Spur
 - Alois Spur

Is located to the east of Hermits Spur and is conjoined to it at its northern extremity, GR 272 083. Named by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 19th October 2012. Named after Alois Joseph Neubeck (1821-1904).This spur extends south for about 1.8km.

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Altar Room
 - Altar Room

Yuri Bolotin devised the name, the Altar Room, after his emotional experience of visiting the place on 10th September 2011 on a walk led by Tom Brennan. He did not share his thoughts with others in the party at that time but returned to that place a few months after.The Altar Room is a pass about 250m in overall length joining Little Capertee Creek to the crest dividing it from the Canobla Creek. The ascent from bottom to top is about 350m.  Altar Room, previous name by Dave Noble 2002, Suspira Canyon, The Three Mothers by E.Varelli.

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