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Amphitheatres Pass
 - Amphitheatres Pass

Is a pass which breaches the cliff line between Woolpack Gap and Collett Gap giving access to the Wolgan Capertee Divide. Through not as easy as the other passes in this area, a narrow steep slot at the top on the western side of the amphitheatre gives final access to the divide. The amphitheatres is a descriptive name adopted for the shape of this tree fern laden area. Named by Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk 16th March 2018.

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Angels Rest
 - Angels Rest

Is a 360 degree view atop a pagoda with extensive views into the incised convolutions of the Bungleboori Creek, where each twist and turn is embellished with pagodas, cliffs, caves and decorated walls, while deep dark patches indicate the presence of hidden canyon sections. Located 2.8km north east of Bald Trig Station and accessed via the firetrail towards Dumbano Creek. This name was coined by Michael Keats on a bush walk, 30th April 2012, to coincide with the named feature to the east, Holts Heaven.

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Angels Rest Falls
 - Angels Rest Falls

Is located on a southern tributary of Bungleboori Creek, 2.9km north east of Bald Trig. This perennial waterfall has a drop of about 30m. After heavy rain it is spectacular, flowing into a ravine of tree ferns. Named by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk 12th January 2015 as it is in close proximity to the pagoda known as Angels Rest.

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Angels Window
 - Angels Window

Was named along with the heavenly theme of other features in this area. This single pagoda on the northern side of Bungleboori Creek gives impressive 180 degree views of a pagoda studded landscape, particularly south east towards Holts Heaven. Named by Brian Fox,Yuri Bolotin and Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 21st May 2012.

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Angry Man Lookout
 - Angry Man Lookout

Is a lookout point from where a giant caricature of a face was spotted high on the cliff face (looking east down Capertee Creek) by Marion Davies. Viewed from a rocky pinnacle above Capertee Creek along Newnes Balcony East. Named by Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk, 1st November 2013.

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Angus Place *
 - Angus Place

Is  a locality about 4km south of Wolgan Gap and 4km north, north east of Lidsdale. Angus is another Scottish name within this region. Airlie in Scotland is located within the County of Angus. Ref: Gazetteer of British Place Names. James Walker was one of the original land owners holding a number of portions of land in this vicinity. He emigrated from Perth, Scotland in 1823. Angus is a locality in close proximity to Perth, Scotland. The Survey Plan of Portions 71-73, dated 28th August 1930, showing one acre blocks, has the pencilled text, Angus Place. Ref: Survey Plan C2803.1507.

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Angus Place Trail
 - Angus Place Trail

Is a NPWS signed walking track. It is approximately 5km in length, commencing on the Wolgan Road at Angus Place, GR 299 056, and terminating at a junction with the Beecroft Firetrail, GR 321 030. Also see Dando's Firetrail

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Annie Rowan Creek *
 - Annie Rowan Creek

Is a perennial stream rising about 2km south east of Mount Cameron. It flows generally north for about 9km into the Wolgan River about 1.5km south west of Mount Morgan. It first appeared on the map Parish of Barton, 1884.  At the junction of the Wolgan River and Annie Rowan Creek is the feature known as (see) Binnings Hole. It is most likely Annie Rowan was the sister of Walter Rowan who died on 3rd November 1858, aged 40. Rowans Hole was named after Walter Rowan. Ref: NSW BDM Rego No. 5413/1858 and Old Catholic Cemetery, North Street, Nowra records.

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Ant Hill

Is located midway along Ant Hill Ridge at 1025m. Named by Peter Fox, National Parks Association bushwalker, 1995-1998.

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Ant Hill Ridge
 - Ant Hill Ridge

Generally trends north south off Girdwood Ridge. On the eastern side is the feature known as Holts Heaven. The northern end of the fire trail on this ridge leads to the headwaters of Dumbano Creek.

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Anzac Ridge
 - Anzac Ridge

Refers to the spur line 300m in length extending south of King Georges Head towards the Great Western Highway, within Hassans Walls Reserve, Lithgow. The Democrat, 1st October 1915, p. 6, records the progress association, entry,“new track….to King George’s Head Rock, and thence to a small ridge overlooking the Bathurst-road, which was recently named Anzac Ridge." So named after the Australian and New Zealand troops landing at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, 25th April 1915.

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Apex Lookout

Is located in the vicinity of Bracey Trig Station. Access via the southern end of Bridge Street, Lithgow. The Apex Club of Lithgow developed the area in 1952-53. The Lithgow Mercury, 6th July 1953, p. 2, records, “ During the week-end, under the supervision of Mr. Glen Edgar, a working bee formed a track, from the Apex Lookout, the furthest point which could be previously reached by vehicles, to Bracey's Lookout so that material could be taken to the proposed site of the lookout shelter shed."

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Apex Point

Is the point of land in the vicinity of Bracey Trig Station. Access via the southern end of Bridge Street, Lithgow. The Lithgow Mercury, 28th October 1952, p. 2 and 7th July 1954, p. 3, records,“A preliminary survey, conducted by a team of five members of Lithgow Apex, on Saturday pegged out portion of a proposed easy access route from the junction of Bridge and Esk streets, around Apex Point, to Bracey Lookout and Hassans Walls Lookout."

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Apple Tree Point

Is the end of the ridge line above Annie Rowan Creek, 3.4km north, north east of Mount Cameron. Local usage name prior to 1980s. Ref: correspondence with Danny Whitty, 3rd July 2010.

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Aragorn Slot
 - Aragorn Slot

Is a beautiful slot crowned with stunning pagoda formations on the top. Aragorn is the main protagonist of Lord of the Rings who was instrumental in the quest against the forces of evil. Named by Yuri Bolotin on a Bush Club walk on 15th August 2013, in keeping with his Lord of the Rings themed names in this area. Located 1.2km north east of InvincibleTrig Station.

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