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Bandamora, Parish of *

A lands administrative division within the County of Roxburgh. It appears that the current spelling of the parish is incorrect as the earlier references show it spelt as Bandanora. The Sydney Gazette, 5th January 1832, p. 1 records land sale, 640 acres at Bandanora, about fifteen miles from Cullen Bullen. The property, Bandanora, is shown on the map NSW, The Surveys of the Australian Agricultural Company, 1833. A written history by William Corlis who lived at the property Bandanora from 1851 recalls the station was always called Bandanora, but he did not know the origin or meaning of the word. Ref: Jefferys, Bruce. The Story of Capertee, 1982, pp. 16-17.

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Banksia Slot
 - Banksia Slot

Was so named by Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk 29th April 2016 as it contained four very fine healthy examples ofBanksia serrata. Located above the cliff line overlooking Canobla Creek and would be a pass through the cliffs to Canobla Gap Trail. Access via Newnes, Little Capertee Creek Camping Ground, Cathedral Canyon and the end of the northern spur.

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Banner Drop Lookout
 - Banner Drop Lookout

Is located on the western end of a short spur line off Gardiners Gap Trail within Ben Bullen State Forest 1.3km north, north west of Invincible Trig. So named after a protest in 2011 to stop open cut coal mining in this area. Name shown on Karen McLaughlin’s 2nd edition The Gardens of Stone Stage 2 Reserve Proposal Map, August 2016.

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Barcoo Swamp

Is an old, disused name. Barcoo is an Aboriginal name meaning, "Ice on Water". Barcoo Swamp forms the headwaters of Deanes Creek. Barcoo Swamp is located on the north east side of the Glowworm Tunnel Road and Galah Mountain Road intersection. Cullen Bullen Topo Map, GR 438 111. Ref: Barcoo Swamp shown on Tramway from Wolgan to Clarence. Survey Plan M12435. Surveyed by John Haydon Cardew, Licensed Surveyor, 13th December1905. Stephens, Eric. Wolgan Railway Notebook, 1934-1937. Records, "Track to Barcoo Hut". The first land grant of Cullen Bullen (2000ac) was taken up by Robert Venour Dulhunty. His brother Lawrence Vance Dulhunty also took a large grant of land nearby. He was at one stage Commissioner of Disputed Land Claims in the Tambo, Barcoo district in Queensland. Robert's son Lawrence Joseph Edward Dulhunty, moved to Tambo, Queensland and it was here that some of his children were born. The Barcoo River runs past Tambo. Ref: Dulhunty Papers, The Brisbane Courier, 26th March 1881, p. 7. Carne, J E. Field Book, State Records, 2/663, 11th January 1906, records, "Barcoo Hut".

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Baroque Spur
 - Baroque Spur

Is located on the western side of Deep Pass 1.3km south, south west of Deep Pass.Cliff lined on two sides, it contains the most intricate delicate erosion sculptures, incuding a window. So named by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 24th August 2012. Michael chose the name, Baroque Spur, as the rocky features reminded him of the lavish architectural and artistic style of the baroque period.

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Barton Creek *
 - Barton Creek

Is a non perennial stream rising at McLeans Pass and Mount Jamison. It flows generally east by north for about 10km into the Wolgan River.

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Barton Glen
 - Barton Glen

Is located above the cliff line 1.5km north north west of the Wolgan Road and Emirates intersection. This glen is about 450m long having a flat base of about 50m wide. Either side great rows of pagodas have concealed slots and are encrusted with epiphytes.

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Barton Pass
 - Barton Pass

Is a natural inclined ramp that gives access from the base of the first cliff line to the top of the southern point, Chimera Point, and plateau which overlooks the Wolgan Valley, Donkey Mountain and the property, Penrose below. Named by Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk, 24th March 2016.

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Barton Slot
 - Barton Slot

Is located above the cliff line 1.5km north west of the Wolgan Road and Emirates intersection. This slot the about 200m long. In places it is 70m deep and varies in width from 50cm to 2m. Having a general gradient of 30 degrees except where a drop of 6m would entail a rope descent. Named on a Bush Club walk 28th August 2015 by Brian Fox, Yuri Bolotin and Michael Keats as it is located on one of the tributary creeks of Barton Creek.

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Beagle Head
 - Beagle Head

Is located 400m south east from the locked gate off Wolgan River Trail at Newnes. But with an elevation difference of 280m. This huge undercut part of the top cliff face jutting out over the Wolgan when viewed from the north east resembled the head of a Beagle dog. Named by Brian Fox on a bush walk 28th July 2014.

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Beecroft Firetrail
 - Beecroft Firetrail

Is a NPWS signed track about 8km long. It commences in Masons Lane north of Lidsdale at GR 296 045 and tracks generally east to join the Blackfellows Hand Trail close to the headwaters of the Wolgan River, GR 358 026. Beecroft Firetrail was from 1876 a shortcut for drovers moving their cattle and sheep from Bell to Ben Bullen via Gardiners Gap. Ref: Brown, Jim. Bent Backs, 1989, pp. 275-276. Henry Beecroft (1852-1935) first held a Conditional Purchase, 29th January 1876, then in 20th February 1881, 69ac. Later purchased Portion 100, Parish of Lidsdale, 40ac in1903; Portion 101, 84ac in 1908. Ref: Survey Plan 936.1507 and Certificate of Title Vol. 1560, Fol. 154. The land was passed down jointly to his son, Norman Edley Searl Beecroft (1894-1982), and in 1937 to another son Joseph GeorgeBeecroft (1878-1953) and his wife Annie May Beecroft (1876-1962) who held it until 1954. Joseph George Beecroft also held two Conditional Purchases at Mount Cameron from 1903-1947. Ref: Survey Plan C2098 and 2099.1507.

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Beecroft Trig Station *
 - Beecroft Trig Station

Was constructed by the Royal Australian Survey Corps in 1930. Ref: Lands Department Bathurst Trig Summary Cards. It is located at the elevation of 1025m on the southern side of Beecroft Firetrail, 2.5km north north east of Lidsdale.

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Bell *
 - Bell

Is the locality on the north west extremity of the Grose Valley where the Darling Causeway joins Bells Line of Road. The railway station was originally named as Mount Wilson in May 1875 as it was here that travellers got off the train to continue their journey by horse and buggy to Mount Wilson. The name was changed to Bell Railway Station on the 1st May 1889, so named after Archibald Bell. The locality also taking on this name by default.There was a surveyed but unformed street in Newnes named Bell Street as well as seven families with the surname, Bell, appearing on the electoral roll as living in Newnes between 1906 -1922.

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Bell Miner Canyon
 - Bell Miner Canyon

See Minotaur Lair

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Bells Grotto
 - Bells Grotto

A beautiful Tree Fern filled grotto, is part of Tunnel Creek and is located on the southern side of the Glowworm Tunnel. This grotto by passes the tunnel. It was also referred to as Penrose Gorge. Eardley, G H. and Stephens, E M. The Shale Railways of NSW, 1974, p. 136, record, "The more hardy adventurous passengers left the train during the watering operation and walked the narrow footpath through the beautiful Bells Grotto." Ref: Deane, Henry. The Wolgan Valley Railway - Its Construction, 1910, reproduced by the Australian Railway Historical Society, 1979, p. 13, shows a map with Bells Grotto.

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