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Wheat Paddock

Is an old local usage name referring to Sunnyside Ridge in the vicinity of Birds Rock Trig Station. So named as the trees were tall, thin and closely spaced together, likened to wheat in a paddock. Name in use in the 1940s. Ref: Correspondence with Joe Bird, 6th February 2010, whose father Jim cut logs in this area.

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Whispering Gallery
 - Whispering Gallery

Is located 100m north east of the locked gate on the Pagoda Track and 700m north east of the Glowworm Tunnel, Newnes Plateau. This 85m long overhang has a dry elevated floor and its southern extremity features an almost spherical cavern. In the centre is a small string waterfall that drops down from a slotted keyhole in the domed roof. Quite by accident, it was discovered that this is a whispering wall, so a quietly spoken comment at one end can be clearly heard at the other. Named by Michael Keats and Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk, 2nd January 2017.

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White Gate Trail
 - White Gate Trail

Is a 4WD track, 2.4km in length. It joins Castlereagh Highway 2.8km south of Ben Bullen and Moffitts Trail. The majority of the southern part of this trail is on private property.

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Whitewash Cave
 - Whitewash Cave

Is a cave that was used by the Aboriginal people, 8m wide, 5m depth and 8m high. It is located on the eastern side and near the top of the hill above Cullen Bullen township. So named by the locals as they carried back the white ochre to white wash their houses. Ref: Elaine (Lucy) Devigne, oral history recorded 20th September 2012, she recalled her father doing just that, he had known this cave by its name from 1947. At present, there is no evidence of Aboriginal usage.

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Whitton Chair
 - Whitton Chair

Carved rock in the shape of a chair, western end of the Zig Zag railway viaduct.

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Wild Gorge
 - Wild Gorge

Has within it the features Dome Cave, Pinch Point Circle and is overlooked by Tagine Point. Its headwaters are 2km south, south east of Birds Rock Trig. It flows generally in an eastward direction for 1.9km to its junction with Carne Creek. Named by Yuri Bolotin, 16th May 2013.

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Wild Slots
 - Wild Slots

Comprises three slots on the eastern side of Deception Canyon, 700m west, north west of of the Glowworm Tunnel car park. It appears as that there is no walking access to the canyon floor. There appears to be a very large overhang under the southern wall. Named by Yuri Bolotin on a Bush Club walk, 10th January 2014.

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Wiltons Ridge
 - Wiltons Ridge

Is a spur line that trends in a north south direction from midway between Hartley Trig and Browns Gap to Braceys Lookout having the road Norm Henry Drive along its spine. Named after Thomas Talbot Wilton (1834-1911). General Manager of the Lithgow Valley Colliery 1872-1911. Wilton also owned land in this area. Ref: Democrat 7th August 1915, p. 13. Lithgow Mercury, 8th October 1915, p. 6.

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Winding Pinch Creek *
 - Winding Pinch Creek

Is a non perennial creek rising on the southern side of Glen Davis Road 4km south east of Mount Airly. It flows generally south east and south, south west for about 4km into Airly Creek. This was either a name relating to the mining era (winding up a bucket of ore), or it may be a descriptive name given to a narrow pinch of land (ridge line) which was needed to access this isolated 40ac parcel of land applied for by Murray Davidson on the 20th February 1879. Ref: Survey Plan 1674.1496. Shown on the map Parish of Coco, County of Roxburgh, 1883.

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Window in the Sky Ravine
 - Window in the Sky Ravine

Is a 2.6km non perennial watercourse that has its headwaters 1.1km north east of Birds Rock Trig and flows north, north east into Carne Creek. At the point where this creek flows over the cliff line, the rock formation is likened to a window frame about 50m below the top of the cliff line and about 150m above the base of the cliffs below. This name was coined by Brian Fox and Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 10th October 2013.

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Window to Infinity
 - Window to Infinity

Is a cliff top window view looking down a 50m vertical drop. Located 1.1km south east of Beecroft Trig Station. Named by Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk, 30th May 2014. Brian's immediate thought was that it gave the similarity to an infinity pool.

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Window to Oblivion
 - Window to Oblivion

Is a balcony window view looking down a 50m vertical drop. Named by Daryl Watson on a Bush Club walk, 11th April 2014. Located 1.6km north west of road junctions, Angus Place Trail and Beecroft Firetrail.

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Windy Gully

Is a narrow, north west facing, cliff lined section of unnamed creek which flows into Rocky Creek 3.5km north west of Mount Cameron. Ref: Correspondence with Danny Whitty, 3rd July 2010.

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Wings of Icarus
 - Wings of Icarus

See Poseidon Arena.

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Witches Mouth

Is the exit from The Dungeon as it involves a crawl through a tunnel that discharges into a dry gully. Named by Yuri Bolotin 29th August 2015.

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