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Witches Vice
 - Witches Vice

So named by Harold Thompson on a Bush Club walk, 25th September 2015 in keeping with the named theme of Hecates Cauldron it is a slot about 80m height and in length and 1/2m wide.

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Witches Watch

Is a lookout overlooking Hecates Cauldron above Pandoras Ravine. Named by Yuri in keeping with the Macbeth inspired naming theme. Peculiarly shaped shards of ironstone including a natural collar are regarded as witches" accoutrements.

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Witches Yale
 - Witches Yale

Is a mythical beast and this natural rocky gargoyle framed against the sky as viewed from below Tara Slot is within Hecates Cauldron. Named by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 25th September 2015.

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Wobbegong Rock
 - Wobbegong Rock

Is located on the spine of the Wolgan – Capertee Divide, between Mount McLean and Mount Jamison. So named by Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk, 30th September 2013 as the rock resembles a Wobbegong Shark.

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Wolgan *

Is now referred to by the Geographical Names Board as a, "Rural Place". It is located in the vicinity of the old Wolgan Homestead and present Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort. The planned Village of Wolgan was located on the level ground, southern side of Wolgan Road and western side of Mount Wolgan. Ben Bullen Topo Map, GR 359 186. At Wolgan, two acres were set aside for a public school on 20th September 1871. Ref: Survey Plan 143-1978. A church, manse and cemetery were approved on 9th February 1874. Ref: Survey Plan372-1984. Adjoining this area to the south was an area reserved for residential or business purposes, 8th February 1894. Wolgan was the chosen Aboriginal name of James Walker's outstation (homestead), c1825. It was this name which gave Wolgan Valley its name. Ref: Survey Plan B4.691r, dated 3rd January 1831. Stevens, Wade. Wolgan Valley Selected Climbing Areas, 2001, p. 37. Records,"reportedly the native name for its site at the confluence of the Wolgan River and Carne Creek ." Also see Mount Wolgan.

According to Isabella Gertrude (Gert) Poyitt, who was a school teacher in the Wolgan Valley in the 1920’s the name Wolgan came from the  local aboriginal word, ‘wolga’, the name for the Australian Clematis,Clematis aristata, a vine that is fairly common in the valley.

Helen Riley, Wiradjuri Elder and Sharon Riley, Wiradjuri representative, also record the word Wolgan, is named after the native plant Clematis aristate. Ref: Oral history 3rd May 2016.

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Wolgan - Capertee Divide
 - Wolgan - Capertee Divide

The higest ridge line that divides the Wolgan Valley from Capertee Valley.

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Wolgan Balcony
 - Wolgan Balcony

Is a 1km ledge between two cliff lines above the Wolgan River and above the Wolgan Valley railway alignment, 1.1km north, north west of the Glowworm Tunnel. The ledge offers extensive views of the Wolgan Valley and Donkey Mountain. Named on a Bush Club Walk by Michael Keats, Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox, 27th January 2017.

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Wolgan Falls
 - Wolgan Falls

Mark the western end of the tight, winding canyon of the Wolgan River, as the waterfall flows over the cliff line into what is the start of the Wolgan Valley. Wolgan Falls are accessed via Blackfellows Hand Trail and Fire Trail No. 5 from the western side, or Fire Trail No. 7 from near the road junction of Sunnyside Ridge Road and Fire Trail No. 8 on the northern side. Best view of falls, GR 346 103.

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Wolgan Gap *
 - Wolgan Gap

Is the break in the cliff line that provides road access to Newnes from Lidsdale. Before the present road descended down Wolgan Gap, the road was on the eastern side of this gap and that path was called Donkey Steps. It was used to bring in the first cattle prior to 1880. Ref: Joe Bird, past resident of the Wolgan Valley, oral history to Brian Fox, 17th June 2009. Survey Plan R587.1603r, dated 3rd March 1866. The Survey Plan 6-2062, dated October 1874, shows the road through "The Gap." The name Wolgan Gap is shown on the map Parish of Cox, 1884. The Sydney Morning Herald,14th July 1877, p. 3, records, "Road grant at Wolgan Gap, 250 pounds."

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Wolgan Gap

See entry Woolpack Gap. Wolgan Gap was the previous name.

Wolgan Gap Ref: Parish of Wolgan 1905, 3rd ed; 1916, 4th; 1930, 5th editions and Carnes Geological Map Capertee and Wolgan Valley, 1901. It was not until the Ben Bullen Topo Map of 1974 that Woolpack Gap is shown and gazetted by the Geographical Names Board 20th June 1975.  It quite obviously was renamed to avoid confusion with Wolgan Gap on the Wolgan Road as the entrance to the valley.

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Wolgan Gap Trig Station *
 - Wolgan Gap Trig Station

Height of 1078m, is located 1.5km near north of Wolgan Gap. Wolgan Gap Trig Station was established in October 1930 by Warrant Officer Hugh Powel Gough Clews, a surveyor from the Royal Australian Survey Corps.

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Wolgan Gorge Lookout

Is located on top of the cliff line overlooking the Wolgan River and canyon, accessed via Fire Trail No. 5 off Blackfellows Hand Trail. Karen McLaughlin from the Blue Mountains Conservation Society recorded,"We named the lookout Gorge because for inexperienced bushwalkers it is a bit of a scramble to get a full view of the falls where as you can easily get magnificent views of the gorge."   Ref: Correspondence from Karen on 30th November 2009. Shown on the map Proposed Recreation Use; Wolgan SF, Ben Bullen SF, Newnes Plateau. Gardens of Stone Stage 2 Reserve Proposal. The Blue Mountains Conservation Society and Colong Foundation for Wilderness, January 2009.

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Wolgan Guardian
 - Wolgan Guardian

Is located on a western facing cliff line, 2.2km south, south east of Mount Dawson and 1.5km north, north east of thePenrose.This massive 110m high eroded residual is 30m below the top of the cliff line and the top 45m of this pinnacle is separated from the main cliff line by one to five metres. The views from this guardian rock give a line of sight right up the valley floor. Named by Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox on a bush walk 6th January 2017.

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Wolgan Loops
 - Wolgan Loops

Are five compressed loops in a deep incised gorge, located immediately before the Wolgan River (Wolgan Falls) plunges over the cliff edge. Named by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 9th January 2008.

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Wolgan Panorama
 - Wolgan Panorama

Is a viewing point on the southern end of a spur line south west of Mount Tricky and 800m north, north west of Little Capertee Camping Ground, Newnes. Located 300m above the Wolgan River this spot gives unprecedented openness of the panorama in front of you; and, secondly, it is the angle of viewing, as you look straight down the main, broad section of the Wolgan Valley and the expansive area where the river makes a 90 degree bend to the east. Named by Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk 28 August 2017.

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