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Wolgan Panorama
 - Wolgan Panorama

Is a viewing point on the southern end of a spur line south west of Mount Tricky and 800m north, north west of Little Capertee Camping Ground, Newnes. Located 300m above the Wolgan River this spot gives unprecedented openness of the panorama in front of you; and, secondly, it is the angle of viewing, as you look straight down the main, broad section of the Wolgan Valley and the expansive area where the river makes a 90 degree bend to the east. Named by Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk 28 August 2017.

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Wolgan Pass

Is located 800m due north of Wolgan View Lookout. This north south facing gully allows access from the western side of the Wolgan cliff line. Named by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 16th February 2015.

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Wolgan Pillars

Refers to huge hanging rock formations over 100m high, having outward curved as well as straight sides and just enough distance from the main rock face to be called Pillars. Located on the southern side of the Wolgan River, 2km north west of the junction with Annie Rowan Creek. So named by the rock climbing fraternity.

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Wolgan Pinnacle *
 - Wolgan Pinnacle

Is located on top of the cliff line, 4.5km west, north west of Deanes Siding. Access via Sunnyside Ridge Road and Fire Trail No. 7.

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Wolgan Pinnacle Slot
 - Wolgan Pinnacle Slot

Is a natural pass on the northern side of Wolgan Pinnacle giving challenging access down to Carne Creek. The name was suggested by Michael Keats on his Bush Club walk, 27th December 2006. It is derived from the overpowering Wolgan Pinnacle nearby.

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Wolgan River *
 - Wolgan River

Is a watercourse about 64km long. It rises on the Blue Mountains Range 4.5km north west of Bungleboori and flows in a generally northerly direction towards Newnes, where it turns eastward to its junction with the Capertee River. Lithgow. The Wolgan River and Carne Creek join at the southern edge of the Ben Bullen Topo Map, GR 387 177. Previously, these two major drainage patterns were known as the Eastern and Western Branches of the Wolgan River. The Eastern Branch was renamed Carne Creek in 1970. Ref: Geographical Names Board notes, 5th March 1970. Shown as Wolgan River Western Branch and Wolgan River Eastern Branch on the map Parish of Wolgan, 1884. Surveyor Frederick Robert D'Arcy surveyed the Wolgan River from near present day Newnes downstream towards the junction with the Capertee River, July 1831. Ref: Surveyor General Letters received from surveyors, Reel No. 3060, Andrews, Alan E J. Major Mitchell's Map, 1834.

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Wolgan River Trail
 - Wolgan River Trail

Starts at the locked gate on the southern side of the Wolgan River 1.2km south, south east of Newnes. It follows the Wolgan River for about 14km. This track was the original access to the holdings at Binnings Hole at the junction of Annie Rowan Creek.

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Wolgan Rock
 - Wolgan Rock

Is a most impressive buttress. When viewed from the Newnes side whilst driving the Wolgan Valley Road this rock juts out and dominates the cliff line. Located 900m south east of Collett Gap. Named by Yuri Bolotin on a Bush Club Walk 15th August 2016.

Local resident of Wolgan Valley, David Stafford records, “What you call Wolgan Rock we have always called The Sphinx due to its Sphinx like profile when viewed in certain light from the west (ie from our house).”

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Wolgan Rock Pass
 - Wolgan Rock Pass

Gives walking access to Wolgan Rock, a significant geographical feature, from Wolgan Road opposite Donkey Mountain and 1.2km south east of Collett Gap to the Wolgan / Capertee Divide. Named by Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox on a bush walk 16th January 2017.

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Wolgan State Forest *

Was Notified on the 25th May 1896. Located in the southern part of the Wolgan Valley below the cliff line; it covers an area of about 1200ha.

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Wolgan Trig Station *
 - Wolgan Trig Station

Is located on Mount Davidson, the highest point of the Wolgan - Capertee Divide, 1081m. Constructed on 8th April 1914. At present, it lays in ruins. Ref: Survey Plan 1508-3090.

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Wolgan Valley *
 - Wolgan Valley

Is an enclosed valley that has only one road access via Lidsdale and Wolgan Gap. It was Campbell Mitchell, son of Sir Thomas Mitchell, who was the first to discover kerosene shale deposits in the Wolgan Valley and open up a mine in 1873. Ref: Carne, Joseph. The Kerosene Shale Deposits of New South Wales, 1903, p. 38.

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Wolgan Valley Railway

Branched from the Main Western Line at Newnes Junction, GR 443 930, and terminated at Newnes, GR 424 258. Construction of the Wolgan Valley Railway of some 31 miles 50 chains (51km) from Clarence on the Great Western Railway line to Newnes commenced in November 1906 and was effectively completed in November 1907. The line ceased carrying rail traffic in 1937. Ref: Hicks, George and O'Brien, Dennis. Shays in the Valley. According to Bentley, James. Black Smoke. Blue Mountains, 1988, p. 77, the line finally closed in 1932. This private railway line was built to carry oil, wax, sulphate of ammonia, coke and other various products from the Commonwealth Oil Corporation's shale mine and refinery at Newnes to where it joined the Main Western Line at Newnes Junction. From here, products went on their way to Sydney or, in the case of the coke, to the Lithgow blast furnace. Ref: Bentley, James. Black Smoke. Blue Mountains and McKillop, Bob. Furnace, Fire and Forge, 2006, pp. 204-205.

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Wolgan View Canyon

See Nobles Canyon.

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Wolgan View Lookout
is located on top of the cliff line on the Great Dividing Range just off TheBicentennial National Trail, between Baal Bone Gap and Wolgan Gap. CullenBullen Topo Map, GR 298 149. Read More

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