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Y Canyon
 - Y Canyon

Is the south west arm of a deeply incised feature that drains water from the Mount Budgary Plateau into Budgary Creek. The top end is located at GR 489 114 and the junction of the two branches of the "Y" Canyon is at GR 489 115. Named by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 28th December 2007.

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Yahoo Ridge
 - Yahoo Ridge

Extends 2.3km from Natural Bridge on Mount Cameron Trail in a generally north east direction to above Nayook Creek. So named after the Yah Hut, which lies in ruins at the eastern end of this ridge. Name recorded in the Yah Hut Log Book entry, 12th November 1972.

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Yerra Yerra Pass
 - Yerra Yerra Pass

Is a natural pass which gives access from Rocky Creek up to the top of a plateau. Located 800m east, south east from Rocky Creek and Deanes Creek junction. Named by Michael Keats on his Bush Club walk, 24th April 2007. Michael's choice was derived from an Aboriginal dialect for 'sharp" or "tooth like". Yerra Yerra was chosen as there are two tooth like structures on the pass.

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Yuslan Descend
 - Yuslan Descend

Is a way of means to descend the eastern side from the mid section of Korrowall Ridge at Point Repulse. A cairn just below the end of Point Repulse is the starting point of the means of descent on the eastern side down towards the 4WD track that leads to Kedumba Crossing. It involves a short scramble down the ridge, followed by a direct descent through an open and steep slope. It meets the 4WD track below where it bends very sharply. Named by Alan Chan after Alan and Yusrin Mulia on a bushwalk 13 January 2019.

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Zeus Minor
 - Zeus Minor

A small pagoda studded ridge, is a western branch of Zeus Ridge.The end pagoda contains a slot referred to as Alcibiades Rift. So named on a Bush Club walk, 25th July 2011, by Michael Keats.

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Zeus Ridge
 - Zeus Ridge

Is a north south trending ridge on the eastern side of Moffitts Trail and west of Poseidon Arena. Named by Michael Keats and Brian Fox on a Bush Club Walk, 16th April 2010. The Greek god Zeus had two brothers, Poseidon and Hades. Three ridges trending north south and parallel to each other are each given one of these names. This area has spectacular views and pagodas.

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Zig Zag Historical Railway
 - Zig Zag Historical Railway

From 1910 to 1975, the upper levels of the Zig Zag lay abandoned. In 1972, a group of railway enthusiasts formed a co-operative and started to rebuild the track and buy rolling stock. Steam trains began to run again in 1975 on the middle road only. In 1986-7, with the aid of a NSW Bicentennial Grant, the track was extended along the top road to Clarence, opening in 1988. Tourist trains ran each day of the year (except Christmas Day) until it closed in June 2012. This tourist venture was all set to re open in late 2013, but due to bush fires extensively burning infrastructure in late October 2013, the reopening has been put on hold. Additional named features within and surrounding this historical complex, are Mount Sinai Halt, Edgecombe, Whistle, Top Points, Bottom Points and Rosegardens. Also see The Great Zig Zag.

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Zig Zag Spur
 - Zig Zag Spur

Trends in a generally southern direction off Waratah Ridge 800m east of the road barrier and the boundary between Newnes State Forest and Blue Mountains National Park. This spur is on the eastern side of Stillson Spur and is one kilometre in length. So named by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 20thJuly 2012, due to the zig zag line of the spur in the southern portion.

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Zobels Gully *
 - Zobels Gully

is about 1.2km long and flows into Wolgan River approximately 3km south, south east of Newnes. Its upper reaches flow through part of Constance Gorge. A northern tributary of Zobels Gully is also 1.2km in length. At the saddle of this tributary is a cairn which is a reminder to bushwalkers that this is the main walking access from the western end of Island Mountain to the Wolgan River and Newnes. Zobels Gully North GR 442 243 to 439 234. Martin Francis Zobel (1861-1935) married Sarah Jane Simpson (1876-1961) in 1899. They lived at Sunny Corner (near Bathurst), Mount Victoria, and Newnes, and later in life moved to Ashfield (Sydney). Martin was a geologist and miner. The Certificate of Title records his purchase of Lot 22, Section 33 within the Village of Newnes in 1909. This title records his occupation as Mine Manager. Lot 21 was purchased in his wife's name. One of the unformed roads in village of Newnes was named Zobel Street. Plan of Portion 2, Mineral Lease 12, Parish of Glen Alice and Gindantherie, records, "Martin Zobel, Agent for Commonwealth Oil Corporation Ltd 12th July 1907." Ref: NSW BDMs. Rego. No. 9008/1899. Vol. 2118; Fol. 211. Funeral Notice, SMH, 4th April 1935, p. 9.

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Zobels Ledge
 - Zobels Ledge

Is located on the eastern side below the top cliff line within Zobels Gully. The northern access starts from the northern tributary and from the natural spring in the overhang in Zobels Gully. It traverses in a southerly direction for about 1km where a small gully gives access to the valley floor. Named by Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk 25th November 2016.

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Zobels Point
 - Zobels Point

Is the southernmost extremity of Zobels Spur. Located above the northern side of Zobels Gully, and directly opposite Constance Point. Extensive views up the Wolgan Valley towards Donkey Mountain. Name coined by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 6th November 2011.

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Zobels Spur
 - Zobels Spur

is 700m in length and has a narrowing spur line. It islocated on the northern side of Zobels Gully and above the Wolgan River. Openwoodland is replaced by a pagoda studded spur, giving extensive views andhaving Zobels Point at its southernmost extremity. Name coined by Brian Fox ona Bush Club walk, 6th November 2011. Mount Morgan Topo Map, GR 440240.

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Zorro Canyon
 - Zorro Canyon

This canyon is located between Carne Creek and Adrenalin Creek. Access via Sunnyside Ridge Road. 1.2kn north of the Gardens of Stone National Park boundary.

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Zorro Pass
 - Zorro Pass

Is located on the eastern side of the headland on the same fire trail that leads to Zorro Canyon. It has a natural configuration similar to the letter "Z" and it is also located 700m north east from Zorro Canyon. Named by Michael Keats during a Bush Club walk, 22nd May 2014.

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