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Zobels Point
 - Zobels Point

Is the southernmost extremity of Zobels Spur. Located above the northern side of Zobels Gully, and directly opposite Constance Point. Extensive views up the Wolgan Valley towards Donkey Mountain. Name coined by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 6th November 2011.

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Zobels Spur
 - Zobels Spur

is 700m in length and has a narrowing spur line. It islocated on the northern side of Zobels Gully and above the Wolgan River. Openwoodland is replaced by a pagoda studded spur, giving extensive views andhaving Zobels Point at its southernmost extremity. Name coined by Brian Fox ona Bush Club walk, 6th November 2011. Mount Morgan Topo Map, GR 440240.

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Zorro Canyon
 - Zorro Canyon

This canyon is located between Carne Creek and Adrenalin Creek. Access via Sunnyside Ridge Road. 1.2kn north of the Gardens of Stone National Park boundary.

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Zorro Pass
 - Zorro Pass

Is located on the eastern side of the headland on the same fire trail that leads to Zorro Canyon. It has a natural configuration similar to the letter "Z" and it is also located 700m north east from Zorro Canyon. Named by Michael Keats during a Bush Club walk, 22nd May 2014.

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