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Wollemi National Park

Day Walks from Newnes - Part 1

By Michael Keats OAM, Brian Fox and Yuri Bolotin

Publisher: Design Portfolio Pty Ltd

Released: 23 March 2019

Pages: 448

Price: $58

Free Delivery - Australia Wide

List of Walks

# Walk Page
WOL2-01 The Cliffs of Mars 85
WOL2-02 Cave House and East Island Mountain 95
WOL2-03 Inca Pathway 103
WOL2-04 Log Slide Gully 115
WOL2-05 Log Slide Gully and Fabergé Rocks 127
WOL2-06 Industrial Archaeology Around Newnes 135
WOL2-07 Newnes to Glen Davis via the Pipeline Track 149
WOL2-08 Little Donkey 165
WOL2-09 Glowworm Tunnel 173
WOL2-10 Zobels Ledge to Telephone Pass 191
WOL2-11 Historic Newnes Industrial Complex 205
WOL2-12 School Chimney Walk 217
WOL2-13 Philosophers Walk 227
WOL2-14 Mystery Mountain Slot and Beagle Head 243
WOL2-15 Red Cliffs via Daves Pass 253
WOL2-16 Capertee Creek to Mount Dawson via Breakaway Point 261
WOL2-17 Newnes to Mount Dawson via Capertee Creek 275
WOL2-18 Mystery Mountain Traverse South and Zobels Point 285
WOL2-19 Little Capertee Creek to Point Nicholson 299
WOL2-20 Above the Corn Paddock 309
WOL2-21 Old Baldy and Skywalker Traverse 317
WOL2-22 Constance Gorge, Tiger Snake Point and Constance Point 329
WOL2-23 Corn Paddock Point to Koopartoo Point 347
WOL2-24 Wolgan Panorama and Matisse Caves 363
WOL2-25 Tunnel Terrace Gorge and the Plateau above 375
WOL2-26 Firefly Point via Galaxies Gully East 389
WOL2-27 Wolgan Rock 407