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Wollemi National Park

Day Walks from Newnes - Part 2

By Michael Keats OAM, Brian Fox and Yuri Bolotin

Publisher: Design Portfolio Pty Ltd

Released: 24 November 2019

Pages: 530

Price: $58

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List of Walks

# Walk Page
WOL3-01 Point Nicholson and Gindantherie Pinnacle 99
WOL3-02 South of Minotaur Lair 113
WOL3-03 Between Petries Gully and Pipeline Track 127
WOL3-04 The Crater and Petries Point 149
WOL3-05 Edwins Bath and Georgina Canyon 159
WOL3-06 Newnes Galleries 173
WOL3-07 Newnes Natural Arch 191
WOL3-08 Minotaur Point and Minotaur Lair 199
WOL3-09 Grand Balcony to Minotaur Lair via The Labyrinth 213
WOL3-10 From Altar Room to Cathedral Canyon via the Wolgan Cliff Edge 235
WOL3-11 Along the Cliff Base from Koopartoo to Minotaur Lair Gully 245
WOL3-12 Georgina Canyon and Wolgan Guardian 253
WOL3-13 Woolpack Point and Red Rock Creek 273
WOL3-14 Woolpack Gap, Alcatraz and Liberty Gully 285
WOL3-15 Altar Room and Petries Gully 303
WOL3-16 Altar Room to Spot Height 869 315
WOL3-17 Penrose Slot via the Old Coach Road 327
WOL3-18 Barton Slot and Barton Glen 337
WOL3-19 Barton Slot, Chimera Slots, Centaur Rocks and Slot 345
WOL3-20 Koopartoo Point 355
WOL3-21 Petries Slots Pass 365
WOL3-22 Ravines and Ridges between Little Capertee Creek and Canobla Creek 375
WOL3-23 Central Gorge in Petries Slots 391
WOL3-24 Kenobi Canyon, Jedi Point and Double Decker Cave 409
WOL3-25 Ten Percent Slot, Utopia Room and Easy Glade Pass 429
WOL3-26 Slots and Pagodas of The Labyrinth 445
WOL3-27 Eldorado Slots, Pagodas North of Minotaur Lair, and Ariadne Thread 467
WOL3-28 The Wonders of Alcatraz 479
WOL3-29 Blue Rock Gap and Hughes Defile 495