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Walk Program

Long Angle Creek to Fitzgeralds Creek
Michael Keats
Maps, etc:
Department of Lands topographic map, 1:25000, Springwood, 9030-4S, third edition. GPS setting WGS 84.
Access via Long Angle Road off Singles Ridge. Park one car at GR 785 686, and another at the locked gate on Rickard Road, Warrimoo, GR 791 665. Return to car one and start walking along the old fire trail to Long Angle Creek. Follow this creek to the junction with Fitzgeralds Creek at GR 798 673, then walk up the track to the ridge exit. About 8km, 200m +&-
Gear Issues:
First aid kit. 1 litre of water, GPS, PLB, appropriate head and footwear, electrolytes, maps, compass. Change of gear for afterwards.
All on track but a seldom visited area.
Expiry Date:
24-Aug-2019 Go Back
Note: Walk Reports will be available to download for 1 month after the walk.

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