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Walk Program

Bulls Creek Track
Michael Keats
Maps, etc:
Department of Lands, topographic map, 1:25000, Katoomba 8930-1S, third edition. GPS setting WGS 84.
From Bulls Camp reserve seek out a notional track that would have been used to cart wood to fire the steam pump fin Linden Creek. We know from Searle book that in the 1890s 90 tons of wood was consumed by the steam boiler every 3 months, so a road capable of taking wheeled vehicles must have been built and maintained for many years before the unit was converted to petrol operation. Assuming we find this track we will then follow it to the pump site. We may then go onto Paradise Pool. Possible swim. On the return walk we will take the signed track back to Bulls Camp. Then we will travel to Caleys “pile of stones” and seek out 2 archaeological sites.
2, but with a lot of off track and bush bashing. Expect to get wet and dirty.3-4km
Gear Issues:
2 litres of water, GPS, PLB, appropriate head and footwear, electrolytes, maps, compass, Change of gear for afterwards.
Expiry Date:
06-Mar-2019 Go Back
Note: Walk Reports will be available to download for 1 month after the walk.

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