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Walk Program

Middle Hill and Blackwater Creek
Yuri Bolotin
Maps, etc:
Mount Coricudgy access was arranged through Forests NSW. Day 1. Drive to Mount Coricudgy. With water for the day, walk to Middle Hill and set camp at around GR 541 694. Explore the nearby area that shows a couple of interesting slots. About 10km. Day 2. Find a way down into the creek to the north, explore a possible volcanic ‘neck’ on the way, then descend into Blackwater Creek. Take water, climb a ridge to the west and walk back to the camp. About 10km. Day 3. Find a way down into the creek to the south and follow it to Blackwater Creek, exploring a number slots along the way. Walk up Blackwater Creek and find an exit at around GR 545 658. Walk the ridge and then the trail back to the cars. About 12km. Exploratory. Scrambling and exposure.
6M, M333E
Gear Issues:
Pack walk
Expiry Date:
15-Dec-2018 Go Back
Note: Walk Reports will be available to download for 1 month after the walk.

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