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Walk Program

You can join the Bush Explorers in these adventures. You must be fit and have previous experience with off track walking. You also must be able to handle heights, exposure, scrambling, walking in water, and be comfortable using ropes or a tape.

When booking on our walks for the first time, please provide the following information:

  1. your full name, email and mobile phone number
  2. which (if any) bushwalking club you are with
  3. details of your off track walking experience, including leaders and walk names
  4. where you will be driving from on the day of the walk
  5. if you have a car or a 4WD?

If interested, contact Michael, Yuri or Brian well before the walk date, as these walks are only for small groups and tend to get booked out quickly.

Please note that you will be required to sign a disclaimer before the walk. It is important that you read it before you book.

Click here to see a typical example: Bush Club - Risks and Obligations of Visitors.

Briefs for our Next Walks

Wollemi National Park

Track Notes from Recent Walks

Wollemi National Park
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Track Notes will be available to download for 1 month after the walk.

Pagoda Rock Formations