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17 Sisters
 - 17 Sisters

Is a string of pagodas stretching from 472 941 to 474 941. Located 1.5km south east of Goochs Crater. Named from a viewing point GR 465 928, when Ian Thorpe was leading a walk for SPAN Outdoors in 2006. The name lampooning the name, The Three Sisters.

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84 Foot Lookout
 - 84 Foot Lookout

Is located on top of the cliff edge at Hassans Walls Reserve, between Nellies Glen and Pavilion Gully and 90m west of the communication tower. Named by Keith Painter and Brian Fox on an investigative walk 6th September 2016. This unnamed old fenced lookout has 84 feet of meshed fencing. Lithgow Mercury 17th May 1935, p. 4. Records, and a start will be made next week on the fencing of  84ft. of a new look-out.”

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Acoustic Chamber
 - Acoustic Chamber

Is located within Sunnyside Canyon. Peter Medbury first visited the canyon on 2 November 2008. Peter had contacted Dave Noble at the time and he told me (Peter) the canyon was named Sunnyside Canyon.  It had been named Acoustic Canyon when first discovered (late 70s??) but it turned out the name had been used so it was renamed to Sunnyside Canyon.  I’d have been surprised if the name hadn’t already been applied to that Chamber (but I could well be wrong). On a later bushwalk by the Bush Club Mike Keats track notes record, The famous hemispherical cave in the lower reaches was visited. Pacing it out, it has a diameter of about 24m, a height of about 15m including a domed ceiling. Droppings on the floor show evidence of an active roost for bats.

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Adrenalin Creek
 - Adrenalin Creek

Flows in an approximate north to south direction for 6.5km, from the junction of Birds Rock Trail and Sunnyside Ridge Road to its confluence with Carne Creek. Contained in it's headwaters, is Cathedral Cave. Michael Keats recorded on 25th February 2013, "I have called this area, east of Firetrail No. 6 and the next ridge east, and questionably Firetrail No. 5, the Adrenalin Gorges of Carne Creek. The name is inspired by a complex terrain so stimulating and so beautiful it really gets the adrenalin flowing.

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Adrenalin Gorges
 - Adrenalin Gorges

See Adrenalin Creek.

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Adrenalin Head
 - Adrenalin Head

Is the prominent headland located at the end of Firetrail No. 6, south of the Wolgan Pinnacle and between Endorphin Gully and Adrenalin Creek. It is characterised by massive vertical cliffs up to 116m high and partly negotiable benched ledges. The highest point of the headland is at GR 384 137.

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Adrenalin Ledge
 - Adrenalin Ledge

Is an incredible ledge, halfway below the cliff line overlooking Carne Creek. It extends for 1km. The midpoint is located 1km south east of the Wolgan Pinnacle, access via Sunnyside Ridge Road and Firetrail No. 6. So named by Yuri Bolotin on a Bush Club walk, 6th May 2013, in keeping with the name of the creek system to the east, Adrenalin Creek.

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Adrenalin Ledge East
 - Adrenalin Ledge East

It also dawned on us that the ledge that had we had started walking on in the gully to the east was easily negotiable. Given that it is on the eastern side of Adrenalin Gully we decided to call it Adrenalin Ledge East. Bush Club walk 17th January 2014. 

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Adrenalin Slot
 - Adrenalin Slot

This slot is special and so it was that we agreed to call it Adrenalin Slot as it faces into, and connects with Adrenalin Creek. Bush Club walk 17th January 2014.

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Airly *
Ultimate Point - Airly

Is the locality name, which encompasses Mount Airly, Airly Turret and what was the Town of Airly. Glen Alice Topo Map, GR 240 332. The earliest reference to this name is recorded in Annabella Boswell's Journal, March 1839. She records the name Elyor, Erly Flat.

James Galagher purchased 40ac in the area in 1852 and used the name Airly. His second house at this location, constructed in 1863, was named Airly House. James" grandson, Rupert, recalls originally the place was called Early Flat.

Airlie is the obsolete dialect form of "early". The word Airly is also the obsolete term for earthly or heavenly and had a mention in Norton's verse in 1652, "which bare up Erth with his Aierly migh."

Ref: Mayne, Dianne. Airly Newsletter 1898. Unpublished, 1980. Galagher,Rodney. The Galaghers of Airly and Port Macquarie, 2010.

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Airly Basin
 - Airly Basin

Is a small round hanging valley on the western side of Gap Creek, 600 metres north west of Airly Gap. The little valley is surrounded on three sides by walls of beautiful towering pagodas. Named by Peter Medbury 1 August 2011.

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Airly Canyon
 - Airly Canyon

Is a short canyon starting on Mount Airly and traversing east to Airly Village. Named by Peter Medbury who records,“The canyon can be traversed in either direction. A tape is required near the top. There are a couple off pools near the top of the canyon. There is an old mine adit under a large rock shelf, a small dam on top and associated water pipes apparently used to supply water to the miners”. 

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Airly Connector Slot
 - Airly Connector Slot

Is a natural 250m, gentle gradient passage between cliff lines of heights up to 20m. This slot access is an alternate means to using a section of the road from Rock Bottom, Airly Gap towards Mount Airly. The slot has a short tunnel section.  Named by Michael Keats, Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk 23rd June 2017.

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Airly Creek *
Airly Creek - Airly Creek

Is a non perennial stream rising 4.8km north east of Capertee. It flows generally south east for about 12km into Coco Creek. Airly Creek is shown on the map Parish of Bandamora, 1882. 

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Airly Creek Trail
 - Airly Creek Trail

Is a NPWS signed walking track. It is approximately 5km in length and is based on former property access roads. It commences on Glen Davis Road and follows a ridge south, crosses Airly Creek and terminates at the junction with Murdocks Creek Trail.

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